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Product Profile - Supreme Possum Merino

Newly added to our range, this yarn sits comfortably in the luxury category.

Super soft, super warm, and super light; we're confident that you'll appreciate all of the fine qualities this yarn has to offer.

Possum hair is a by-product of the New Zealand Possum cull. While possums in Australia are native, and a protected species, this is not the case in New Zealand, where they are an introduced species, and with no natural predators, they have proven to an almost unstoppable force in the destruction of the native forests. For this reason, the NZ government has instituted an eradication program.

Their little possum lives are not completely wasted however, as they leave us with this wonderful fibre. Possum hair is quite short, so it is blended with wool, to give a fibre length which is able to be spun, and subsequently, knitted. The 10% Silk content of Supreme Possum Merino, creates a fabric which holds it's shape well, yet drapes wonderfully, giving great versatility in the type of garment which can be made. Use it for a loose, flowing poncho, or for a fitted jumper- it also makes a comfy pair of mitts.

There are many reasons why this yarn is highly sought after. Why not find out for yourself?


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